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Dr. Charbel Nahas - Minister of Labor


Urban & Physical Planning  /  Economics and economic policies


“Stakeholder Analysis and Social Assessment for the Proposed Cultural Heritage and Tourism Development Project”

November 2001

Framing document prepared in collaboration with the urban planner Ms Maha Yahya and “Information International” for the CDR and the World bank, in view of implementing a loan from the WB to promote the cultural heritage of five cities in Lebanon (Tripoli, Jbeil, Saïda, Sour and Baalbeck).

The report assesses the socioeconomic situation in the concerned cities as well as their assets in terms of cultural tourism and related activities, giving special attention to the distribution of interests at stake and to the consequences of the different possible forms of intervention.

The document became the reference for the later stages of the project that is presently being implemented.

  1. Index (277 Ko)
  2. Executive Summary (195 Ko)
  3. Conceptual methodology (151 Ko)
  4. Tripoli (2.2 Mo)
  5. Sour (Tyre) (1.5 Mo)
  6. Baalbek (1.4 Mo)
  7. Jbeil (Byblos) (1.6 Mo)
  8. Saïda (Sidon) (1.8 Mo)
  9. Appendices (200 Ko)

published 3 November 2007



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