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Final synthetic report of the National Physical Master Plan for Lebanon (SDATL)

Main report of the study commissioned by the CDR (Council for Development and Reconstruction) from a consortium including IAURIF, Dar Al Handasah and a group of Lebanese experts including the author who was in charge of the coordination of public policies and of the economy. During its preparation, this report was at the centre of […]

Reconstruction of the Beirut Central District (1984-1986)

1986 Synthesis document produced in the frame of the firm Oger-Liban in the beginning of 1986 on the reconstruction of Beirut Central District and kept confidential until now. At that time, continuing the detailed studies and the field works had become impossible because of the deterioration of the security situation and the crumbling down of […]

Stakeholder Analysis and Social Assessment for the Proposed Cultural Heritage and Tourism Development Project

November 2001 Framing document prepared in collaboration with the urban planner Ms Maha Yahya and “Information International” for the CDR and the World bank, in view of implementing a loan from the WB to promote the cultural heritage of five cities in Lebanon (Tripoli, Jbeil, Saïda, Sour and Baalbeck). The report assesses the socioeconomic situation […]

Programming and Assessment of the economic impact of the Cultural heritage Project in Jbeil-Byblos

April 2002 Programming of intervention (140 Ko – in english) Economic impact assessment (100 Ko – in english) Report written during the second phase of the Cultural Heritage Project, in association with AAA (Atelier d’Architectes Associés) for the CDR and the World Bank. It includes the programming of the operation (that is presently being implemented) and the evaluation […]

Comprehensive physical and socio-economic study of the region of upper Batroun

Tannourine and the neighbouring villages in the highlands of Mount-Lebanon 2005 Because of the author’s implication in both projects and following the request of the General Directorate of Urban Planning, this work was the first local study that fits within the frame of the National Physical Master Plan for Lebanon (NPMPL) and constitutes therefore a typical example. […]

The Socio-economic impact of replacing the commercial port in Sour by a fishing and touristic port

May 2005 The city of Sour, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, includes, since the civil war, an irregular commercial port. The study aims at assessing the benefits and costs of transforming this port so as to preserve and promote the cultural character of the city. The measures needed to mitigate the losses incurred […]

What future for the International fair and Tripoli ?

Reworking of a conference given at Safadi Foundation, in Tripoli, 15 December 2007, in commemoration of Oscar Niemeyer’s centenary 15 December 2007 The word « fair » refers to a heterogeneous array of commercial-political demonstrations, none of its still living forms seeming to fit with the present situation of the city of Tripoli. The urban site inherited […]

Financing and Political Economy of Higher Education in Lebanon

Study sponsored by the Economic Research Forum 26 December 2009 The common approach to higher education in the MENA countries appears to be based on three assessments: 1) higher education provision is dominated by the public sector; 2) there is a major financing problem and 3) there is an increasing demand On each of these […]