Final synthetic report of the National Physical Master Plan for Lebanon (SDATL)

Main report of the study commissioned by the CDR (Council for Development and Reconstruction) from a consortium including IAURIF, Dar Al Handasah and a group of Lebanese experts including the author who was in charge of the coordination of public policies and of the economy.

relief du Liban

During its preparation, this report was at the centre of a wide debate and the European Union allocated a budget for its diffusion. It has been mentioned in the programs of two Cabinets but has not yet been formally approved.

The report can be accessed on the official site of the CDR


Table of contents

Introduction: Basics of the land use master plan

1. Uncontested physical features

2. Challenges of the future

3. Basic choices

4. The perspectives of the national physical master plan

5. Principles of land use

6. The first implementation phase of the NPMPLT

Acknowledgements and Project team

The final synthesis report of the National Physical Master Plan for Lebanon relies on a large number of sectoral reports some of which have been written by the author and are available on the site:

  1. Macroeconomic framework (in French): presentation of the major equilibria of the Lebanese economy, its weaknesses and potentials from a regional and long term perspective.
  2. Reconstruction in Lebanon (in French): assessment of the policies of post-war reconstruction and determination of the responsibilities and potential roles of public intervention.
  3. Balanced development and the role of Beirut (in French): analysis of the socio-economic structure in Lebanon in spatial terms and in a regional perspective leading to the revision of the notion (that became constitutional) of “balanced development”.
  4. Actors and procedures of urban development in Lebanon (in French): presentation and analysis of the institutional and regulatory framework of urban development in Lebanon, its real practice as well as of their economic and spatial effects and stakes.

At the request of the CDR, a document was annexed to the synthesis report in order to reassess the practice of public investment programming in the light of the NPMPL.

This document is entitled: Plan Programme (in French)

 Link : on the official site of the Conuncil for Development and Reconstruction (CDR)


published 1 July 2007