Charbel Nahas on “Towards Property Taxation Regime in Lebanon”



Towards Property Taxation Regime in Lebanon (Presentation)

Towards Property Taxation Regime in Lebanon (Audio Recording)

دور المهندس العربي في التنمية، الواقع والطموح

 المهندس العربي في التنمية، الواقع والطموح

ورقة عمل بقلم شربل نحاس

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The risks of the international financial crisis for Lebanon


interview to the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar on 20th October 2008


The interview explores the effects of the international financial crisis on the economy of Lebanon and on the Arab economies. It examines the channels of influence, whether financial or linked to the migrant workforce.

It criticizes the prevailing ambiance in Lebanon, full of autosatisfaction and mutual congratulations, whereas the availabe respite should be used to consolidate an already fragile economic and financial domestic situation.


PDF - 143.3 kb
3 p. (in arabic)

Managing the Lebanese Public Debt in the context of an International Financial Crisis


Conference in Beirut, January 12th 2009
12 January 2009

The Lebanese public debt is put in parallel with the US private debt, the management of which has long been praised as exceptional, through successive deferments and constant accumulation, but also with the flood of violence launched by Israel against Gaza, to signal the blocking of the two states solution, that has been so long nurtured, conference after conference, without the decision makers daring to take, in either case, the choices they were confronted with. Read more

Economic lexicon


Series of articles monthly published (in French) in “Le Commerce du Levant”

8 December 2009

Series of articles monthly published (in French) in “Le Commerce du Levant” and selecting, in each issue, a term of the economic lexicon that is first defined with its economic, financial and social importance evocated in general, and the outreach and stakes of which are then illustrated in the Lebanese case.

Articles can be accessed through the « Le Commerce du Levant » website.

Or directly, in the following list:

  1. February 2007 Primary surplus
  2. March 2007 Current balance
  3. April 2007 Capital balance
  4. May 2007 Added value
  5. June 2007 Services
  6. July 2007 Productivity
  7. August 2007 The active population
  8. October 2007 Emigration (1)
  9. November 2007 Emigration (2)
  10. December 2007 Privatisation
  11. January 2008 Public debt (an introduction)
  12. February 2008 The International Monetary Fund
  13. March 2008 Monopoly and Competition (1)
  14. April 2008 Monopoly and Competition (2)
  15. May 2008 Taxes
  16. June 2008 Infrastructure, public investment and capital (1)
  17. July 2008 Infrastructure, public investment and capital (2)
  18. September 2008 Public Debt (1)
  19. October 2008 Public Debt (2)
  20. November 2008 Public Debt (3)
  21. December 2008 Real Economy vs. Financial System
  22. January 2009 The Banking Profession (1)
  23. February 2009 The Banking Profession (2)
  24. March 2009 The “Brain Gain” Theory (1)
  25. April 2009 The “Brain Gain” Theory (2)
  26. May 2009 The trade fairs
  27. June 2009 The fiscal heavens (1)
  28. July 2009 The fiscal heavens (2)
  29. August 2009 Tourism
  30. September 2009 Real estate and land economics
  31. October 2009 Pension systems (1)
  32. November 2009 Pension systems (2)