A socioeconomic program for Lebanon

Editor Lebanese Center for Policy Studies LCPS, 320 p, bilingual book in Arabic and French


March 2006

The book takes into account the dramatic developments that occurred during 2005 and aims at participating in the search for an exit from the political deadlock by proposing a program for socioeconomic action. This document updates the proposals of financial reform presented in 1999 and broadens them. It fits in the perspective of the long awaited debate on the reconstruction of the Lebanese state structure after the civil war and the period of the Syrian hegemony. Thus it is first addressed to the Lebanese but also to the external parties, states and international organisations, who have been showing for a period of time a really exceptional attention to Lebanon, hoping to contribute in minimizing the extent of reciprocal (and asymmetric) manipulations between the interior and the exterior.

The book served as a background for a closed seminar held in April 2006, under the same title, with the participation of officials and of economists from Lebanon and from the World Bank (presentation of the proceedings)


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