Public Investment Program


Study realized for the CDR (Council for Development and Reconstruction) in 2005 and 2006


Study realized for the CDR (Council for Development and Reconstruction) in 2005 and 2006, under the direction of the author, with Dar el Handasah and IAURIF, in view of rationalizing public investment and current expenditure, in the light of the orientations of the NPMPL.

The study has been presented and discussed in the Parliament but was not yet discussed in the Council of Ministers nor has it been integrated in the so-called “programs” that the Government presented at various international conferences.


The study includes four parts:

  1. The “planning vision over 10-15 years” assesses the impact of public expenditure on the Lebanese economy since the early 90’s and sets a detailed methodology for the selection of investments as well as the main options in respect of the provision of public goods and services on the long run (in arabic, in french)
  2. The different options in terms of “Sectoral Policies” are then reviewed on the basis of systematic sectoral and spatial diagnosis and through highlighting the main political, institutional, economic and technical trade-offs (in arabic, in English).
  3. The medium term (5 years) “Investment Program” covering rehabilitation and new equipment, is then deduced on the basis of a quantified evaluation of sectoral and spatial performance and needs (in english).
  4. Then the “Synthesis of the Investment Program” shows the aggregate figures in terms of types of intervention, sectoral and regional allocation. The macroeconomic and fiscal impacts of the program (and not only its financial impact) are quantified as well as that of the main sectoral policies options (in English).